The Frac Notice Team will create and deliver to you a Directive 83 Report that meets and exceeds all current requirements. To achieve this, The Frac Team has created an effective, 6 step process. We began producing D 83 Frac Reports in June 2013 and have delivered hundreds of reports and related services to date. Our reports are practical and functional and can help you to avoid financial risk and meet all of the Regulators needs. In addition we provided the following services to support your completions Team:
Why create a Frac Notification?

It is Required.

A Frac Notification is now required in Alberta and it is clearly set forth how it is to be undertaken. Our approach will ensure we meet the IRP and Directive requirements. Other jurisdictions will soon follow suit.


Damage to offset wells may cause an uncontrolled release of gas and fluids to the surface. Any uncontrolled release of gas and fluids can create danger for all members of the public, your operations on your location and potentially lethal damage to the surrounding area. Is your ERP ready?

Proactive, not Reactive.

A frac notice will assess the potential risks to offset wells in advance to prevent disasters costing millions of dollars and impedance of our social licence.

Your well fracing operations can adversely affect nearby wells; if your operations cause damage to their wells and operations this can end up costing a great deal of money. We can ensure you are aware so you can respond accordingly.

A proper, well timed Notification puts the Offset well owner on Notice. Our process invites and encourages their cooperation so that we can work together to mitigate risks and damage. Failure to provide notice can result in large financial liabilities. It costs little to be proactive and to help to ensure all risks are recognized and mitigated in advance of your fracing operations.

Data Confidentiality

Your IOF data is safe with us. All data provided by IOF Well Operators will be protected and held in the strictest confidence. Only Rock Solid staff will use the data ONLY for its intended purposes. Please review our Agreement here.

It makes good business sense.

A Frac Notification has GREAT Value!

Our process is efficient, cost effective and stops when required. We have a 4 step process that will effectively meet and exceed the requirements of IRP 24 and the AER Directive. The first step being an investigative process to see if any wells could be affected, if the answer is “NO” then the process stops, a report is prepared and forwarded to the Client.

A Frac Notification is both a good investment with tangible results and a good insurance policy, if things go poorly it will be worth noting that you made your best efforts to prevent this and that you followed INDUSTRY RECOMMENDED PRACTISE!

A group of our Peers felt this was needed for the best interest of the Industry